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Important information (please read before starting the manga)
Basic Storyline or Plot of the Story
Introduction to the characters

Cover Page Volume 1
Chapter 1: Introduction to Benedicto (Pages 1-38)
Chapter 2: Benedicto leaves and returns (Pages 39-60)
Chapter 3: The HKSS starts up (Pages 61-94)
Chapter 4: The Hinata Junior High School Hostage Situation (Pages 95-109)
Chapter 5: Shinobu discovers something about Benedicto (Pages 110-137)
Chapter 6: Airline is hijacked, HKSS to the rescue. (Pages 138-160)
Chapter 7: Shinobu's vacation in New York City. (Pages 161-189)
Chapter 8: Beyond the limits of the sword (Pages 190-217)
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Cover Page Volume 2
Chapter 9: The final showdown with Al Hentai (Pages 218-248)
Chapter 10: The Christmas Episode (Pages 249-267)
Chapter 11: The Spring Episode (Pages 268-284)
Chapter 12: Kanako's arrival and the Annex Incident (Pages 285-306)
Chapter 13: Shinobu meets Mr. Future (Pages 307-334)
Chatper 14: Mr. Ladies Man (Pages 335-351)
Chapter 15: Keitaro Urashima Jr. (Pages 352-376)
Chapter 16: Seta Noriyasu Jr. (Pages 377-401)
Back Cover Page Volume 2
Cover Page Volume 3
Chapter 17: A new bad guy arises. (Pages 402-431)
Chapter 18: A new wave of terror. (Pages 432-459)
Chapter 19: Terror on the Train. (Pages 460-486)
Chapter 20: Choices (Pages 487-516)
Chapter 21: Gabriel 2.0 the upgrade (Pages 517-544)
Chapter 22: The founder is found (Pages 545-569)
Chapter 23: Al Hentai's last stand (Pages 570-588)
Chapter 24: Epilogue (Pages 589-599)
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